It’s Fake News that LeBron Beat Jordan’s Consecutive Games of 10+ Points Streak.

876 consecutive games scoring 10+ points for Lebron James sounds really great. He just broke MJ’s record of 866 games scoring 10+ points. Or did he? There is a very important factor that nobody is mentioning. This is a regular season record. This record does not include the MOST IMPORTANT GAMES. The games played in the PLAYOFFS. What are the most important games in the playoffs? The NBA Finals. Hey, LeBron you never scored less than 10 in a Finals game, did you? Let’s check the footage.

8 points in an NBA Finals game? Sheesh!

Let’s see if as a Chicago Bull Jordan scored less than 10 in the playoffs…

In 1985, his second year, in his 5th game coming back from his broken foot, Jordan was held to 8 points.  He scored at least double-digits for every other game he played as a Chicago Bull (both regular season and playoff).

So you mean to tell me that Michael Jordan never shit the bed in a playoff game, let alone a finals game? Hmmm. Well isn’t that food for thought. When the moment was the biggest and his team needed him most, LeBron had his worst game. Yet for some reason, people want to say LeBron is better? GTFO, you can’t score 8 vs the fucking Dallas Mavericks in the finals and still claim to hold this streak over Jordan, you just cannot. That streak is not real.


That was probably the last time anyone held Lebron under 10 right? Wrong. Game 5 2014 Eastern Conference Finals vs Indiana, he put up only 7 points. They lost the game 93-90. Man if Lebron had scored 10 he could have sent that game to OT, but alas he didn’t. He scored a measly 7 points in a pretty big game.


LeBron is a 10 point lock… long as it’s not the biggest and most important games like the NBA Finals or the Eastern Conference Finals.

You want to call it a regular season streak, that’s fine because it’s technically true, even though we all know it’s what happens in the playoffs that matter. Good Job Lebron on scoring 10+ in all your meaningless regular season games.

Josh Allen Crushed the Wonderlic, What Can’t This Guy Do?

Tall? Check. Rocket Arm? Check. Big Hands? Check. Took snaps under center in college? Check. Josh Allen has been checking off all the boxes and now he can check one more. The Genius Box. That’s right Josh Allen is a genius as far as I’m concerned after scoring a 37 on the Wonderlic test. Ok, he’s not a Ryan Fitzpatrick level genius. Fitzmagic scored a 48 out of 50 probably because he went to Harvard. He’s not even a Blaine Gabbert level genius (scored a 42 despite not graduating from Mizzou). He’s right in that sweet spot between Colin Kaepernick’s 38 and Sam Bradford’s 36. He has the same score as Stanford Graduate Andrew Luck (did I mention he went to Stanford?)

Look you score a 38 and all of a sudden you’re too woke, you start protesting the anthem and get yourself benched for a guy who scored a 42. If you score a 36 then you’re in danger of not being smart enough and you start doing weird things like wearing sleeves during an NFL game when it’s not even cold outside.


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.10.10 AM
If you score too low you run the risk of irrational fashion decisions that earn you the nickname “Sammy Sleeves”
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.11.12 AM
If you get too woke to your own genius, you might start growing out your hair to protect your Brain. Then you can’t get a football helmet over it.


Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 8.12.05 AM.png
Get yourself a 37 and you’re in the Josh Allen “sweet spot” where you can have your potato and eat it too.

A 37 says smart but not pompous, cool and collected, not a true nerd, a football nerd. In many ways it is the ideal Wonderlic score. I mean who wants a guy who scored a perfect 50? It’s only ever been done by a punter.

I know the Wonderlic is just one of MANY tools the teams use to evaluate a player, but when JA is passing every other test with flying colors, you take note of a 37.

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-ATrain out.



A-Train Makes a Magic Wand.

I was listening to The Last Podcast on the Left. I don’t remember the episode, but they were talking about the concept of magic and magical items. To make a long story short, magic is real, (probably) and anyone can make a magic wand. If I had a working magic wand back in 2012, I might have been able to heal Derrick Rose’s knee. Maybe there was a spell I could have cast on the Chicago Bears to prevent them from drafting Kevin White or Gabe Carmini. What I’m saying is the applications to sport for someone with a working wand is endless. I have it on good authority that one of America’s most powerful wizards is from the New England area. (Surprise right? Home of witchcraft.) The recent success of the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics may have been the result of a massive magic ritual performed at his hand.

A-Train goes down an internet rabbit hole to try and learn how to make a magic wand.

The first thing that I discovered is that there are a lot of misconceptions about what exactly a magic wand does.

The wand is used to focus energy and empower the user to do magic. The wand does not cast the spell, the person wielding it does. It is, in essence, a conduit for the transfer of the inner intentions of the wizard to the outward magic of the spell. The Wand is an extension of the person wielding it and each wand has only ONE owner.

So my wand will only work for me once I make it. If you try and steal my wand it won’t work for you…be warned. All this is coming from what I consider to be VERY reputable websites that are in NO way bullshitting me.

“any type of wood can be used to make a wand and often it comes down to tradition and culture.”

“Crystals and talismans are often added to the wand to intensify the power, the wand usually has some engraving on it depending on the belief of each individual wizard the wand is energized and enchanted by the wizard before use. Birch, Oak, Almond and Hazel are also popular. Energy can be sent over long distances and is often used in healing rituals, the energy in the wand is extremely powerful.”

but it turns out YOU have to energize the wand…

How to Energize your wand.

“First wash your hands, light incense and light a rose candle, run your left hand over your right hand, then your right hand over your left, keep doing this until you feel the energy building in your hands. Next pick up your wand in the hand you use for writing, close your eyes and imagine a stream of silver white light coming from the universe and entering the top of your head imagine it beaming down and coursing along your arm into your hand out from your fingertips and going into your wand you will literally feel the energy flowing as you charge your wand with power. Make sure when you perform the wand energising ceremony, there is incense and a lit candle, you can also use some oil essence to create the appropriate atmosphere.”

I don’t have incense or a rose candle. This might be an issue.

Once energized, I have to charge the wand which is apparently somehow different from energizing it.

“The wand works especially well for healing and enchanting, also for spell casting, the wand will unblock blocked energy and wizards use it to heal and align themselves,  they usually do this by touching the tip of the wand to their third eye and imagining silver light beaming through their body and clearing any areas where energy is blocked. The wand works on the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.”

“a well used wand needs to be re-charged. I like to re-charge the wand with the Sun, the Moon (when full) a rose quartz and an amethyst crystal, always charge with the Sun first. As soon as you wake up place the wand outside for two hours with the rose quartz next to it and place a piece of paper with the words, “the power of the universe shall imbue this wand”, then in the evening do the same thing only you use the amethyst and leave the wand out all night. When you bring the wand inside use a smudge stick to seal the power in the wand.”

Note to self: Get rose quartz and amethyst crystal next time you are at Home Depot.

Wood Apparently Matters…

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.58.10 PM.png

My wand will be made from the root of a Holly tree, I harvested this bad boy during some landscaping.

This is my guy, prepare to be imbued with magic. (Luck, Strenght, Protection) I’ll take it. The Luck part will come in super handy during gambling, I mean football season.

“You may also wish to inscribe rune symbols on your wand for extra strength, each rune has its own magical energy.”

I had not thought about Runes, to be honest, I’m not even sure what a rune is.


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 6.12.59 PM
Got it. Must pick out a rune, it’s like HGH for magic wands.



When do I choose to give the Wand it’s power? If there is one thing that I have learned about magic is that it’s connected to the stars and the universe and all that. So probably the next full moon is the best time to do this.

Ok, I did a little research and it’s almost too perfect. The next full moon is March 31st. (I’m writing this March 29th so it’s not a long wait.) There’s more…this is the second full moon of the month, which makes it a blue moon. It get’s better, this is the second blue moon of the calendar year. There have not been two blue moons in one year since 1999, making this the first time it’s happened in the millennium. It won’t happen again until 2037. I’m pretty sure that if I do this right I WILL have a working wand as an extension of my will and powers that most men can only dream about.

I will update this post after the imbuing ritual to let you guys know how the wand is working.

POST RITUAL UPDATE: The wand has been imbued with power and honestly the power it contains frightens me a little bit.  Already it has begun to work. Villanova (my pick to win it all) won the National Championship. I don’t want to take full credit but I did cast a spread-covering-spell on the Wildcats just before the tipoff so if you took Villanova and the points, feel free to bet the beak a little bit. That was my first spell and it was just a small one, as I learn more magic I will be able to affect the outcome of more games.

Tom Fornelli Thinks Vince Young is the Biggest Bust QB of the BCS Era.

First, let me say that I like and respect Tom Fornelli. I listen to his college football podcast and he provides good insight. On March 23rd Tom came with a take so hot that I hesitate to even touch it. In his “Friday Five” he listed the five biggest busts of the BCS era at the quarterback position and sitting at number one was Vince Young.

It was not JaMarcus Russell, it was not Ryan Leaf, it was not Tim Couch. They all made the list. Somehow in Tom Fornelli’s mind, these guys all had better careers than Vince Young. Checking in at #5 on the list was Robert Griffen III, another name that seems not to belong. Sure RGIII was a bust but he had one really good season and led his team to the playoffs, then he got injured and was never the same again.

Vince Young went to two pro-bowls and was the offensive ROY. I’m not sure how with any credibility you could argue HE was the BIGGEST bust.

Vince Young being #1 and RGIII being #5 feels kinda racist does it not? I’m usually against making things about race but can we please look at some white guys who didn’t make the list?


Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 7.02.17 AM
“Handsome Tom” is how his peers refer to him.


I get that Tom Fornelli had criteria for his list. He excluded players currently in the league and players drafted outside of the top 5. Those are BULLSHIT criteria. You don’t have to be top 5 to be considered a bust that’s insane. You can definitely say current players are busts as well. I don’t know why you invent those criteria. Maybe to defend your shit list?

Joey Harrington drafted #3 overall. Drafted same spot as Vince Young, was given every opportunity, still sucked. Right now he’s playing the piano somewhere wondering how the hell he avoided this list. I’ll give you a hint it starts with “White” and ends with “Privilege.” Joey Harrington CLEARLY belongs on this list. Anyone who would take Harrington’s career over VY is smoking crack.

Blaine Gabbert drafted #10 overall. Bust City, Gabbert has never been good, he’s nothing more than a shitty backup who was never as good as VY.

Sam Bradford #1 overall. Do you see a Pro Bowl by Sam Bradford’s name, has he ever led a team to the playoffs? Was he ever actually a winner at a position where winning matters?

Butt Fumble Mark Sanchez?

I’m getting triggered just thinking about that list. I need to stop this blog so I can go lift away my anger in the Gym.

A-Train Nation Update.

What’s up, guys? A-Train here to apologize for lack of recent posting amidst the NCAA tourney. I am working on some new updates/upgrades to the website, including adding podcasts and video. I am a one-man operation over here and I have to teach myself how to do all the technical stuff. It takes time, and while I could crank out a quick blog, it just wouldn’t be very good.

A few quick thoughts on the Tourney as we are now down to 8 teams.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 9.44.41 AM

Loyola Chicago vs. Kansas State: I think Loyola has already beaten 3 teams that were better than KSU. I hope I didn’t just jinx Sister Jean but I think the Ramblers get into the Final 4.

Florida State vs. Michigan: I have no idea who wins this game but I think that Michigan is probably the best team FSU has played in the tourney. Still, this FSU squad is a grown man basketball team. I think it’s close and it will come down to how well Michigan shoots from the outside.

Villanova vs. Texas Tech: I picked Villanova to win this thing and I picked Texas Tech to go out in the first round. I’m staying with Nova because Jay Wright is my guy and they haven’t given me a reason to doubt them yet.

Kansas vs Duke: Fuck both of these teams. I hope Kansas wins for no other reason than I think Villanova matches up better with the Jayhawks, or maybe I’m just more scared of Duke. Still, I think Duke wins and Bill Self goes back to Lawrence a failure yet again.


The Year of the Dog: UMBC Retrievers are 1st 16-Seed to Knock Off a 1-Seed in History.

I’m a superstitious fellow when it comes to sports. We recently entered the year of the dog on the Chinese zodiac. I jokingly suggested to a friend that you should take as many dog mascot teams in the NCAA tourney as possible. I should have listened to my own advice. A team named the Retrievers that nobody had ever heard of, from UMBC, a school nobody had ever heard of, just pulled off a miracle.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 8.53.32 PM

I watched every second of this game. The Retrievers played like a team of destiny. They didn’t just beat a #1 seed in Virginia, they blew them out. It was kinda the old basketball cliche’ of UMBC hit their shots while Virginia missed theirs. It was a David vs. Goliath level performance. It’s insane to think that Virginia dominated the ACC regular season and tournament only to lose to a team that only made the tourney on a last-second shot.

We have had a lot of crazy first’s in sports of late.

  • First Super Bowl to go to overtime + biggest playoff comeback. (Patriots)
  • Buzzer Beater to win NCAA Tournament (Villanova)
  • The 1st walk-off win in NFL playoffs that wasn’t a field goal. (Vikings)
  • 1st walk-off TD in OT by Alabama to win NCAA Championship.
  • Now we have the first 16-seed to win a tournament game. Sports are awesome. Unless you’re Virginia.

The Year of the Dog is Officially a Real Thing.

Gonzaga and Butler (both Bulldogs) both won their respective round of 64 games. As far as I can tell those are the only teams represented by dogs in the tournament.

*Teams named for wolves do not count because I said so.

Tennessee is represented by the volunteer but they have a Blue Tick Coon Hound as their mascot and they also won in round one.

What does this mean going forward? Are the Browns destined to have a great draft now? Is Georgia going to win the National Title in Football? All I know is that the dominoes have begun to fall…

Friday Sports Dump: NCAA Hoops and NFL Free Agency.

Let’s start in the NFL where the Chicago Bears finally did the inevitable and cut Mike Glennon, news first reported here. No word yet on who is going to overpay Glennon in 2018, but if Sammy Sleeves contract is any indication then giraffe neck Glennon is going to be just fine. The Bears also cut a pair of Marcus’s letting go of Marcus Wheaton and super-clown Marcus Cooper.

This Marcus Cooper:

In Seattle, Richard Sherman said a few things on his way out the door. Seriously, this might be Sherman’s issue. Sherman bashed his college coach (Harbaugh) after he left Stanford. Now he has some choice observations about Pete Carroll’s coaching style saying it was more “built for college.”

Good Job by Pete winning a Super Bowl and appearing in two more as a head coach all while running a system “built for college.” Sucks to be Richard Sherman, poor guy has been in the NFL for years and he’s still never run a pro system!

My little birds inside the Seahawks told me that the real reason that Sherman, Bennett, and other members of a championship defense are being sent elsewhere is that there was a real division between the offensive and defensive units. Sherman and Bennett were the two most outspoken players in this regard. After intercepting Wilson in practice Richard Sherman was quoted as yelling “you fucking suck” to his pro bowl quarterback. Sherman was one of the few Seahawks with a longer tenure than Wilson, now he’s gone. It won’t be long before Wilson is the longest-tenured Seahawk on the team. He and Wagner are from the same draft and it appears as if those are who this new look Seahawks team will revolve around. Seattle is moving forward with Wilson as THE face of the Seahawks.

I think Sherman is a fine CB in the right system, but he wasn’t fast, to begin with, and if he loses a step his game is in trouble. It was smart to move on from him.

The Tourney: Day 1 Journal.

I was warned by Prone Bone Malone about Arizona AFTER brackets had been filled out.


I should have listened. Now we are one day in and I’ve already lost a final four team. Hooray! It was pretty sweet to watch not one but two former Mizzou players star on Buffalo and Gonzaga respectively. Wes Clark destroyed Arizona and sent the #4 seed packing. Johnathan Williams was the best player on the floor for Gonzaga yesterday scoring 19 pts and grabbing 13 boards, without his effort the Zags would surely have been upset by a feisty UNC Greensboro team.

If I had known the Vegas sharps had bet down the Miami-Loyola Chicago line to 1 point in a #6 vs #11 matchup, then I wouldn’t have had the Canes doing work in the Tourney. Let this be a lesson to all you bracketologists, check the point spreads before making your round one picks!

KU failed to be the first #1 seed to lose to a #16 seed but I remain convinced that if a #1 seed ever does lose to a #16 seed, the #1 seed is going to be The Kansas Jayhawks. Probably still coached by Bill Self.

SFA over Texas Tech was my money upset pick and it looked good for about 85% of the game.

Tennessee is going to be a team I vastly underrated. I had them losing to Miami, but with Miami getting upset, now they only have to beat an #11 seed to make the sweet 16. They have some grown ass men ballin’ out there, I now expect to see them in the elite 8, playing either Kentucky or Virginia.

That’s all for now folks…ATrain Out.

The Chicago Bears are Getting Mitch Some Playmakers / WTF Arizona.

The Bears have agreed to deals with Allen Robinson and Trey Burton and I am very excited. I wanted Jarvis Landry to the Bears and I felt a surge of disappointment when he was traded to the Browns, but given what the Bears want to do on offense Allen Robinson might be a better fit. He is a better deep threat. Matt Nagy said he wanted the bears to be a creative offense, Trey Burton is a perfect signing for that. The Bears now have two very versatile non-traditional pass catchers in Cohen and Burton who can also run the ball like an RB. I think Mitch is going to make big strides in year two with the new additions to the squad. I would really like to see the Bears draft an OL with their first-round pick. Mitch will flourish as long as he isn’t constantly under pressure and shoring up the OL will pay great dividends.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 12.41.43 PMScreen Shot 2018-03-13 at 12.41.17 PM

I truly believe the Bears are a big-time sleeper team going into 2018. I know I am a fan but I am not usually optimisitc. This team feels different, this team gives me hope. Carson Wentz was a #2 pick who did big things in year #2. Can 10-God, Mitch Trubisky leads the Bears back to the playoffs? The NFC North is going to be ultra-competitive especially now that Cousins landed in Minnesota. Still, the Bears return a very solid defense and if they make the strides on offense, this will be a dangerous team.

Breaking News the Arizona Cardinals have lost their fucking marbles:


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.03.46 PM
I’m taking crazy pills. This is insane. Just draft a QB and play him.

As someone who saw Mike Glennon get 15 million last year, I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. Sam Bradford is the luckiest man on Earth, he’s never ever been good yet continues to be paid as if he is. The details of Case Keenum’s contract have not been made public yet, but he better be making more than Bradford. Bradford’s agent whoever he is working miracles. The last time Bradford was on the field he looked like trash that was overdue to be taken out.


2018 Draft:

The Bears will next turn to the draft. A strong draft that can pick up multiple contributors is going to be paramount to the Bears success. The 2017 draft was a solid one for Chicago. The 2018 draft needs to be one as well. They need to hit on their round one pick. I think Allen Robinson signing means that WR is off the table on round one and thank god. This year’s crop of WRs doesn’t have a clear-cut best player. Ridley and Sutton seem to be the 1-2 options. I think other positions will get us immediate the impact this teams needs. Impact players along the line of scrimmage and a linebacker are now our top areas of concern. The Bears hired ND’s offensive line coach and two of this year’s top offensive linemen are from Notre Dame, I could see the Bears going with one of those guys. Quentin Nelson or Mike McGlinchy. The Bears took a linebacker from Georiga two years ago, might they do that again and take Roquan Smith? All I know for sure is that the Draft can’t get here fast enough now.



Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 1.38.18 PM
The Bears WR core is suddenly a lot deeper.


I will probably be updating this blog all day because things continue to happen. Taylor Gabriel formerly of the Falcons is now also a Chicago Bear. I really like Gabriel from what I’ve seen. This is another great signing and it probably means the Bears will be moving on from most of the wide receiver currently on the roster.

The Official Bracket of ATrainSports.

It’s March Madness time to fill out your bracket. Each year I seem to get worse and worse at filling these out. The brackets filled out in my late teens and early twenties were money. Lately, I have pretty much gotten kicked in the teeth every March. I’m going to try and turn it around in 2018 and I think I have a fantastic method. I am going to pick a 1,2,3 and 4 seed to make the final four. How could that possibly go wrong?

I am a big believer in filling out your bracket by hand. Gotta get that ink on your fingers if you want the basketball gods to smile on your bracket.


  • Mizzou losing in the first round is sadly not a reverse jinx. I think FSU is pretty good and I almost picked them to upset Xavier. I’m almost regretting that I didn’t.
  • The Midwest Region was a gift from the bracket gods, It’s against my religion to pick Duke or KU. I consider the tourney a success if it ends with Duke or KU not holding a championship. Bonus if they get bounced early, shoutout CJ McCollum and Lehigh. Sparty is a team I usually pick to do well and they usually don’t let me down. Lately, that narrative hasn’t held true but I am gonna give Izzo the benefit of the doubt this year.
  • Virginia was the best team all year and it hurt me to leave them out of the final four. I’m sure in another bracket I fill out I’ll have them winning it all. As it stands I say Arizona finds the key to the Cavs rollerskates and wins a close game.
  • My Villanova pick will get tested early as I think VaTech is pretty good. Then most likely they will see WSU/WVU either of which could give the Wildcats trouble.
  • UNC is good yet again and even though they have to go out West I still think they win that region but look out for Michigan and Gonzaga.
  • Admittedly I have not watched a ton of Xavier or Cincinnati this season but I find it a little hard to believe that the City of Cincinnati is home to two of the best 8 programs in college hoops.
  • USC, St. Mary’s got shafted highlighting the East Coast bias that put only 3 Pac-12 teams in the tourney, and two of them (ASU, UCLA) have to win their play-in games first. USC should have been in without question after finishing 2nd in Pac-12 in both the league and the tournament. Now that I’m looking even the teams that got in got a bit shafted. SDSU deserved higher than an 11, especially if you want me to believe that Texas and Oklahoma are 10 seeds.
  • Houston over SDSU might have been a huge error, I think if I were filling this out again I’d flip that pick.
  • Miami I put in the Elite 8 despite never watching them play. This again goes back to not believing in the Bearcats.
  • Don’t forget that Trump doesn’t fill out brackets because he’s a coward unfit to be President. Fill one out! Don’t be like him.

The 2018 Oscars Are Tonight. Let’s Talk About The 1996 Oscars, Because Movies Were Better Then.

First, let me say I hate how they do the Oscars in regards to the 2018 Oscars are actually awards for the movies of 2017. It’s confusing, so when I say I want to talk about the 1996 Oscars, that means the films released in the 1995 calendar year. I firmly believe that the high watermark of American filmmaking was in the years of 1993-1995. Hollywood was turning out a lot of great films during the early half of the 90’s. Yes, there was a lot of garbage, but it also produced many classics that have long stood the test of time.

I want to start at the 1996 Oscars to point out despite how many thrilling and fantastic films were put out the Academy managed to bungle it up pretty bad in their selections. I think 1995 simply put out too many good R-rated crime/drama movies that the academy didn’t know how to pick between them. (They ended up not picking any)

Let’s go back to when Biggie and Pac were still alive and little A-Train was a burgeoning film buff. 1995.

What did the Nominees look like?


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.17.15 PM
Looking at that list you probably wouldn’t think they had many options in 1995 right? I mean if we have a foreign film, a talking pig, and snooze fest Jane Austen movie in the mix? Academy stop trying to be diverse at the expense of the actual entertaining films. Remember why we go to the movies.


Braveheart and Apollo 13 were fine movies to nominate I guess. I like Braveheart a lot more than Apollo 13 despite the fact that it’s not at all historically accurate. Braveheart was a pretty epic movie and I’m ok with it winning. Apollo 13 probably didn’t deserve it’s nomination either when you see the competition. Babe, Il Postino, and S.A.S. please get out of here.

The Super Snubs:


Where the fuck was the Academy on Heat? Heat is a classic. DeNiro and Pacino. Great Script, an all-time great heist scene, two legends acting face to face for the first and only time. Get with the program Oscar.

The Usual Suspects.

Kevin Spacey and the Script got some recognition but The Usual Suspects is another 1995 classic from when they knew how to make a film and not give away the twist ending in the trailer. A Best Picture nomination for the Usual Suspects would not have been out of line.


Another Classic. Se7en is David Fincher at his best, with peak Pitt and Freeman. Kevin Spacey swoops in during act III to put the cherry on top of a dark and disturbing crime/suspense thriller. They nominated a movie about a talking pig over Seven. Just sayin’.

This movie produced the often quoted on Atrainsports “John Doe has the upper hand!” line.


Just like Goodfellas should have won Best Picture in 1991, Casino needed to at least be nominated for the 1996 Academy Awards. Scorcese, DeNiro, Pesci, and Sharon Stone? C’mon man. James Woods plays an all-time great scumbag as well.

Toy Story. 

I’m not a Toy Story guy but nobody can deny that Toy Story has stood the test of time more than the other nominees. It spawned actually decent sequels launched Pixar. We even studied Toy Story in my screenwriting classes.

You could replace the 5 movies that got nominated with the five I just listed and nobody would think it a lesser list.

Other Great Movies of 1995 if not Best Picture Material:

Leaving Las Vegas – Nick Cage plays an all-time booze bag.

12 Monkeys – Another great Pitt performance, Bruce Willis plays the leading role of a future convict sent back in time to gather information on the pre-apocalyptic USA.

Rob Roy – The Liam Neeson Braveheart of 1995, didn’t get the same press, a much smaller scale of a film.

Goldeneye – The Best Brosnan Bond Film by a mile. Led to an all-time great video game. Introduced a young ATrain to a young Famke Jansson.


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.44.57 PM
My favorite Bond-Girls are the ones that try to kill him.


Die Hard with a Vengence – The last great Die Hard Film the other being the original.

Honorable Mentions/Great Comedies/Cult Classics:

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.41.17 PM

Tommy Boy – Farley at his best.

Empire Records – Cult classic for my generation, especially the ladies.

Crimson Tide – Drama on a submarine with Gene Hackman and Denzel.

Billy Madison – Not a Sandler guy, but it’s definitely a classic comedy at this point.

1995 had its share of absolute crap films that either missed the mark, had too much studio influence or were just plain bad. Here are some of the dregs of 1995.


The Net – The 1990’s had a lot of movies about fearing the internet before Hollywood had any grasp of what the internet was. Also, we are somehow expected to believe that 1995 Sandra Bullock has trouble meeting men. GTFO.

Congo – They tried to capitalize on the success of Jurassic Park by hastily bringing another Michael Criton book to the big screen. Amy Good Gorilla Congo Bad Movie.

Johnny Mnemonic – Another terrible future of technology movie.

Waterworld – Expensive flop, still I was I kid when I saw this and kinda liked it. Adult me knows it is hot garbage.

I could go down a bad rabbit hole all day but I gotta get this up before the Red Carpet show begins. A-Train OUT.


I know I am Leaving Deserving Films off this list 1995 was a great year.