Wet the Beak: 9/28/18.

Let’s get into the action with some best bets and leans. Last Night’s epic Rams-Vikings battle has me juiced for a weekend of pigskin.

Friday Night Lean: Colorado -9 and the Over 57. I probably won’t get a chance to watch this one, I just think CU is good, at night in a home game I think they win it by 10 or more. Bonus lean is on the over because I think both teams will be able to move the ball.

Best Bets:

Early Morning Snooze Fest: Oklahoma State -17 @ Kansas. Noon Kickoff. This game was 58-17 last year. Kansas is still Kansas and Oklahoma State can still put up points. 17 seems low so we are all over the Cowboys.

Early Morning Under Play: West Virginia @ Texas Tech: Under 73.5 points. These teams both low key have good defenses and an early morning start equals an under-play.

Florida  @ Mississippi State (-7) We like the Cowbells to cover at home, I don’t love betting against Florida, but I don’t know if this Florida team is ready to compete in that hostile environment.

South Carolina -1.5 @ Kentucky I think Kentucky wins this game at home. South Carolina is a better team but again it’s a hostile situation and I think a rowdy Kentucky crowd helps them get the W.


Stanford +5.5 @ ND. Going with the Cardinal to Cover.

Mississippi +10.5 @ LSU. Rivalry Game, I think LSU wins but it’s a close game. It’s a lean b/c I could easily see LSU getting a cheap cover at the end of a game that was close the whole time. This line keeps getting lower by Saturday it could be down to 9.

Good Luck Gamblers. Stay tuned for NFL best bets tomorrow.

-Atrain Out.



UPDATE: Bodie and Rick Fox Beef is Pure Conjecture


There shall be no internet fisticuffs – PBM tried to see the forest through the trees and ended up lost in the woods. BUT…I’m now best friends with Bodie. Not a biggggg deallll. I also have more of a chance to shoot hoops with Rick Fox which is pretty sick.

P.S. I’m now boys with Bodie and Poot. The Train said Michael B. is unattainable for me to access – doesn’t matter. Wallace is dead. Same with DeAngelo. I need to befriend Ronnie Moe and I need to do it ASAP. Poot evidence below – Slim Charles is tagged in it too. I’m Barksdale until I D-I-E. Good evening, family.


PBM vs. Bodie: Name the Best Athletes Turned Actors

My people! What’s good? Ya boy was just perusing some Twitter, and a great blog idea fell into my lap. JD Williams, aka Bodie from “The Wire” and Kenny Wangler from “Oz,” tweeted his list of best athletes turned actors. Here’s a pic of Bodie for you pathetic pigeon peasants who haven’t seen either show:


Here’s Bodie’s list:

bodie list

That’s a terrible list. I only looked at it the once to ensure I didn’t mirror his picks via cheating, and admittedly I didn’t realize Carl Weathers played pro football. If I’m being honest, I said to myself, “what a dope – Chubbs Peterson aka Apollo Creed aka CIA Billy isn’t an athlete.” One point for Bodie. Another point for his Bubba Smith inclusion, who I loved as kid when he was doing Hightower things in “Police Academy.” Bodie leads 2-0. Not for long. Here’s my off the dome, five minutes worth, and Google free reply:

pbm better reply

I used the Toadstool mushroom to block my avatar because it’s that pic is your boy and the current Ms. PBM – confidential + gender neutral. I’m figuring this shit out, people (not even close). Notice the two minute mark on the retweet! I concocted this response in less time than it takes to wipe butts. Let’s do some more scoring, shall we? Bodie loses a point for including Bradshaw in that bucket list movie. He loses a point for Ferrigno because that means we both could have used Arnold. Tie ball game. PBM signals for the Huggy Bear press aka my monster of a list, and it’s light out. How does he not include Batista and Andre if he’s listing wrestlers? Batista is LIGHTS OUT on the big screen right now, and Fezik is one of the all time great supporting comedic roles. Quick two for PBM. Sticking with comedy – he left off Nordberg, Sea Bass, Uncle Drew, and Johnny Mac when he was egging cars in “Mr. Deeds.” 6-0, PBM. We both had Jim Brown, which baffles me that Bodie left off his cast mate from “Any Given Sunday,” LT. LT is PERFECTION as Shark. I’m up a touchdown. I’m blown away that Shaq got no love for “Blue Chips” and “Uncle Drew” – Shaq has his clunkers, but he’s pretty electric when he’s not the one financing the films and/or starring in them. I don’t expect Bodie to know that Cousy is the AD in “Blue Chips” and that they never had to cut during his free throw scenes. I also don’t expect him to list Keith Hernandez’s dynamite stretch on “Seinfeld” or when Modano and McRae proclaim that Gordan Bombay “ruled the peewee’s” in the first Mighty Ducks. I’ll even excuse the absence of Shaq because of shit like “Kazaam.” But one thing jumped out at me about Bodie/Kenny’s list that was downright shocking:

pbm response better

Did Kenny and Jackson Vahue have real life beef on “Oz?” How is Fox left off his list? They did multiple seasons of television together, and Fox didn’t just play a hooper. He had some serious character turns, and in my not so humble opinion, absolutely CRUSHED the role. To see an example of an NBA player doing the opposite, watch Malik Sealy (RIP) opposite Fox in “Eddie.” Fox isn’t lighting the world on fire as a philandering third option on the Knicks who uses Whoopi as a coach and marriage counselor, but Malik is AWFUL as Stacey Patton (the team’s MVP). Speaking of “Eddie,” I fucking left off Spider Salley! He’s great as the aging vet in that landfill of a movie and is hilarious in “Bad Boys.” Ok, back to “Oz…”

Here’s a clip of Fox’s Jackson Vahue’s back story – pure intensity!

Fast forward to 2:40 of Fox’s acting reel to see him emote as his character is getting sober following getting hooked on heroin + getting his Achilles cut in prison (if you watch the whole reel, peep Fox with Shuttlesworth – forgot about that role):

How can you deny that presence? Fox is one handsome man, and he’s actually halfway decent in a variety of styles. The slight of Fox brings the final tally to PBM 15 and Bodie -5. There’s gotta be a reason these two don’t get along, and I’m guessing Fox snagged one of Bodie’s ladies while on set for “Oz.” If Big Cat can get Durant and McCollum beefing, PBM can get Rick Fox and Bodie beefing. I want the true story, gents! The evidence suggesting long standing resentment is crystal clear. I’ll let you rail riders by the judge – legit beef or nah?


Monday musings from a crazy football weekend.

Sometimes when you make picks against the spread or just in general, you see something and file it away. For example, you watch Bradon Wimbush and he looks off. He’s not playing well. He really only played well for one quarter at Michigan. You take that information and use it to bet against Norte Dame. Here’s the problem, sometimes the coach sees the same thing and decides to start his back-up. Now the reason for taking Wake is gone but it’s too late, the pick is in.

Or maybe you think Old Dominion is a trash team, and you watched them get destroyed by Liberty. You watched VaTech roll them last season. So you bet against them against a far superior team…then after one drive ODU pulls their QB and they put in a kid named Blake LaRussa. Then the VaTech QB gets hurt and all of a sudden this game is being led by two completely different triggermen. That’s a recipe for losing a bet by 35 points. Blake LaRussa is one hell of a QB name, how are you not playing this kid from the get-go?

These are the breaks, coaches bench guys and make adjustments, guys get hurt, and Vegas makes money. Luckily Florida and Troy pulled out covers for us and salvaged a bad week in which we went 3/8 with picks.

That was Saturday. Sunday was even crazier.

We only made one pick for Sunday’s wet the beak and it lost. The Bears only won 16-14 and they failed to cover. Late in the 4th quarter, a pick-6 by the bears WOULD have given us a late-game miracle cover, but Khalil Mack was called for offsides, in the lone mistake he made all game. I don’t feel bad about that loss, it had twenty chances to win…it was just bad luck. Also, Mitch Trubisky is going to give me a heart attack with how dumb he is with the football and how bad some of his deep passes are.

In the NFL you gotta expect the unexpected and yesterday the unexpected was the norm.

The Bills beat the Vikings in Minnesota. Minnesota needs to do a better job protecting Cousins this team that was my Superbowl Pick looks very shaky now.

Washington beat the Green Bay Packers. I saw none of this game but according to the talking heads, Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s still hurt. I can only hope.

The Lions spanked New England. Patricia beat his old team and he did it by having a much more talented offense. Kenny Golladay has emerged as an elite WR.

The Titans beat the Jags and they are somehow 2-1. I need to see the Titans play more because I cannot fathom how this team is 2-1. Is the defense that good?

Before the season started I blogged about being triggered by the NFL’s new “safety” rules. Now that they are in place, it’s even worse than I thought. You just can’t sack the Quarterback now. You can’t fall on him. You can’t do much of anything. Clay Matthews is now the poster-child for the pussification (I hate that word but I have to use it) of the NFL. Sure we all want to live in a perfect world where injuries don’t occur, but telling pass rushers they cannot fall on the QB is asinine. We have got to reverse this rule or I fear for the future of the NFL.

We have Steelers at Tampa Bay coming up in a few minutes here so I’m gonna end this blog but if you want a pick for tonight or if you want to fade me…I think I like the Steelers +1. A-Train Out.


PBM Artist Spotlight: Tobe Nwigwe

Happy Monday, PBM Disciples! Crazy weekend of football, lost bets, and triumphant performances in fantasy rival games for ya boy. A rollercoaster of emotion that I would ride again and again if it always concluded with me setting my landfill of an opponent ablaze in the fantasy league I care the most about. I contemplated staying up until 1201am just to talk shit until the day was over – then my 36 year-old mind and body took over and the pillows were hit.

I want to kick off this week with an artist spotlight much like the ones I used to blast out via the caboose. Today’s subject is Tobe Nwigwe, who popped onto my radar after he dropped this bomb in Sway’s Studio on Shade 45:

I can’t pronounce the dude’s name, but I know serious skill when I hear it. Tobe was born in Houston, and was a legit NFL prospect linebacker at North Texas before injuries derailed those ambitions. When you hear him, you hear Houston Hip Hop. You also can tell this man LOVES Outkast, as his flow is a blend of vintage ‘Kast (both Boi & Dre) mixed with Scarface mixed with Lecrae. I say Lecrae because this man is essentially a spirituality or faith based artist. His tracks have bars that on the surface seem to be brutalizing or meant to intimidate, but they’re all layered in a silver lining. They’re all about positivity. And they’re absolutely NEVER corny. This is his latest release, “Color.”

Lots of new school rappers proclaim their flow to be water – this man’s style truly encapsulates that proclamation. This flow is crystal clear Turks & Caicos water. If you could drink it, it’d be Smart Water. The guy is flat out, undeniably talented. Check this track, which is my personal favorite:

If you don’t hear a joint that is an expansion of “Aquemini,” I don’t know what you’re listening to. He drops hat tips and homages all over the lyrics in this record – all the while using a flow and style that is entirely his own and absurdly difficult to execute. This beat is brutal for someone who fancies themselves as a lyricist, and Tobe obliterates it.

That sample! Goddamn that sample. For a spiritual man such as Tobe to title a track “Murder,” you had to guess there was an iconic sample involved. The flow patterns in this song are out of this fucking world, and make me obscenely jealous of the dude’s talent. Not to mention I’ve almost given myself whiplash head nodding to this funk. Good lord is right, Tobe!

A little Southernplayalistic, yes? I believe so. I also hear a bunch of Goodie Mobb – particulary the “Still Standing” album. Last one below…

“In the SWAT, in the west, every bar I spit is for the oppressed.” That’s just one bar out of at least twenty that are PERFECTLY executed in this track. Do yourself a favor and fuck with a man who will never use the word “fuck” on his joints. You won’t regret it.


PBM’S Did You Know – CFB Edition

I don’t post about college football. I hate college football – it’s just something to do / occasionally bet on. I’ve watched a decent amount of it today, and I’m betting the Oregon Ducks tonight +2.5. This brings us to the first ever PBM’s Did You Know???


Let’s go Puddles and let’s go Ducks!

Is it me or is Puddles jerking his duck dick in that picture?

Wet the Beak: College Picks for the Weekend.

Last week we did alright, we went 3/6 in our best-bets for College and 3/5 in the NFL. This week Atraincorp looks to continue our success in the NFL and find our footing in the College game. As per usual we are gonna start in the College Game.

I’m writing this as I watch Illinois vs Penn State in Champaign, and right now the Illini are hanging tough with the Nittany Lions. Watching this game takes me back to the first major college football game that I ever attended. It was 1994 and #2 ranked Penn State went to Illinois to face the #25 Fighting Illini.

It feels like this Illinois team is going to get a cover just like that one did, but there is a long way to play in this one…onto Saturday’s games.

Best Bets:

Notre Dame -7.5 @ Wake Forest: Atraincorp likes the Demon Deacons to cover the spread here. We have not seen a lot from Norte Dame since the first half at home vs Michigan.

Nebraska +18 @ Michigan: Too many points here for Michigan who I just don’t think is going to blow anyone out. I’m looking hard at the under 50 as well (call that a lean).


South Carolina -2 @ Vanderbilt: My take is that Vandy is good but not South Carolina good, Vandy doesn’t have the same kind of home field that a typical SEC school does, if all the Gamecocks have to do is win by a field goal to cover then I like their chances.

TCU -3 @ Texas: This game is also a strong lean on the under and we are taking TCU to cover. I just think the Horned Frogs are a better team and probably a better-coached team. So why wouldn’t I take them?

Virginia Tech -27.5 @ Old Dominion: Until we actually lose betting against ODU why not fade this school? Where the fuck is Old Dominion anyway?


Florida -4.5 @ Tennessee: I got the Gators in this one, I’m not feeling super great about it but I’m following someone I trust on this. There are a lot of trends favoring Florida. Also, I’ve rooted for the Gators for a long time let’s roll with the team we like.

Wisconsin -3.5 @ Iowa: We got the Hawkeyes in this game with another lean towards the under. Wisconsin is overrated and Iowa is at home in a night game…this is what they live for in Iowa.

Troy -6 @ ULM: Tom Fornelli special, he convinced me that I should bet on this Troy squad. I still remember DaMarcus Ware destroying Mizzou while playing for Troy. I’m not scared to make Troy a best bet.

Not best bets but worth a quick hit:

Georgia @ Mizzou: got a slight lean towards Georgia but who knows the Tigers were able to score 28 on them last season.

TAMU @ Bama: So on principal, I wanted to take A&M because the spread is silly. Then I thought how Alabama is always covering no matter what and scoring 50 points every game…so then I wanted to take Bama. I think that means stay away.

I’ll have NFL WTB up tomorrow….good luck…A-Train Out.


Pick Six for the Fellas and the Chicks

The juice is in the caboose and we’re ready to turn it loose, PBM Disciples! We came back down to the earth last week in the pick six, going 3-3 and missing on our Thursday night bonus pick. That brings PBM to 8-4 in the pick six and 1-1 on the bonuses for the year. Still heavy in the black, children. I like combining Hip Hop with my picks last week, so I’m going to run that concept back probably for the rest of the season. Fux with it or don’t – I don’t care. If you don’t you probably like The Filthy Skillets. Onward and upward to pay dirt…CHOO CHOO!

MIAMI DOLPHINS (-3.5) over Vegas Raiders

I don’t want to like the Dolphins. I put them in the laundry room in the mansion. I picked against them last week. But…there’s just…something “catchy” about them. I wanted to hate Minkah Fitzpatrick trademarking Fitz Magic, especially after Fitzpatrick put the stick into stickman with that outfit during his Sunday’s presser. And yet, I can’t hate the Dolphins and I kind of love what Minkah did. The Dolphins are 2-0 too, people! Minkah is the addition to their team, why can’t he claim that people have called him Fitz Magic since high school even though I never heard once during Alabama games?!? Much like this track, I don’t want to love the Dolphins but I do. I love this joint – I love screaming “I got this Fruit Punch in my cup!” The Vegas Raiders are a dumpster fire and Miami has it’s own brand of Fitz Magic in the cauldron – lock of the week right here.

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (-6.5) over Naptown Colts

The return of king Daywalker, Carson Wentz! My memories remain of him coming into LA and dick stomping Jared and the Rams. People forgot this Eagles team was way better with Wentz than Big Dick Nick aka Napolean Dynamite aka Nick Foles. I wanted to buy into Luck and the Colts and then I watched their game last week when they looked like the trash I thought they were. I think the Birds romp in Carson’s triumphant first steps back on the gridiron.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (-6.5) over Frisco Niners

The Chiefs offense is HAWRD. This track is basically Tyreek Hill’s banger deluxe. I don’t see how they don’t blow out the Niners who I don’t like. Fire it up for Mahomes, Camarohead.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (-6.5) over Tennessee Titans

This track should blare during the Jags highlight reel following this season. This team is cement, brick wall, iron fist hard. They DESTROYED the Patriots last week. This Titans team isn’t good – believe that. There is potential for a letdown in this game, and that’s why I’m not making it my lock of the week, but I’m supremely confident in the Jags destroying the Titans.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (+7.5) over Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have arguably been the best team in football. It’s them or the aforementioned Jaguars. But just fucking relax for a minute, disciples. The Chargers are our super bowl team, remember? They are a FORCE when fully healthy. This isn’t a home game for the Rams, and they’re due to come down to Earth. If you’re feeling frisky, take the Chargers ML. If you’re a rational human, take the points. Goff is going to taste turf in this game – he isn’t good when that happens (sorry, Jared).

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (+6.5) over Detroit Lions

I love this song – I included it for the opening line – “Postman like Jaykae where ya been?!?” I want to ask the Pats the same thing – where you fuckin’ been, boys? I think they show us this weekend they’re still around. I’m not touching on the Josh Gordon addition in this blog – I’m contemplating writing a real deal op/ed on it. It’s the most interesting sports/entertainment story in the world to ya boy, and it deserves actual literary form. I will say this – it’s going to go really well for the Pats which is awful for the rest of the league, or it’s going to go really bad for Josh Gordon which effects only him. Get your popcorn or Kleenex ready.

Thursday night bonus pick: Cleveland Browns (-3.5) over the NY Jets

Don’t bet this game. Please don’t. If you do, don’t say PBM said pick the Browns. I’m going to deny it.