Kevin Durant is a Dunce.

Jimmy Butler is a straight up boss. Peep this.

Butler lists his top five hardest defensive assignments as LeBron, Kyrie, Durant, Steph, and Harden. He provides legitimate reasons as to why they challenged him, swallows his pride multiple times, and once again showcases that his attitude towards the game is rooted in the old school ways. This article and his impact on the Heat this season have forced me to reevaluate Butler – I now view him as a top ten guy in today’s league. Butler’s presence on the floor matched has matched the power of his written, and his stock is rising. You know who never, ever helps himself via the written word or any words for that matter? Kevin Durant. You know who else chimed in with a his top five toughest dudes to defend list? Fuckin’ Kevin Durant. This is his list.

In the wake of his nonsense with Kendrick Perkins, you’d think KD would take a breather from expressing his views on things to the public. His insecurity over Twitter gave Perkins enough room to arguably win their exchange, and it became yet another addition to his growing list of media fails. KD’s verbal warfare is the polar opposite of his offensive game on the NBA floor. Instead of countless defenders, it is ALWAYS Durant whom looks foolish. Examples? How about the burner Twitter accounts, his beef with Draymond, his text feud with Chris “Bum Ass” Broussard, as well several other spats that I don’t care to mention? That all said, it gives to context to his terrible list. Even more context can be ascertained when examining the backlash from his infamous move to Golden State after the 2015-2016 NBA season. With all the above in mind, I can firmly see what Durant’s agenda was in listing these five dudes:

  1. LeBron James
  2. Kawhi Leonard
  3. Paul George
  4. Joel Embiid
  5. Lou Williams

LeBron is obvious and necessary. He is a top five player of all time, and he’s been Durant’s chief competition for the true MVP every season of his career. Kawhi is also obvious and necessary – they clashed in the western conference for the majority of each’s career, and they never backed down from each other. Here’s where it gets tricky…why the hell did KD include PG and Lou over his current and former teammates such as Steph, Kyrie, and Harden? You might say, “well, he probably never guarded Steph or Kyrie one-on-one for long stretches of time.” However, if that’s the reason why, it doesn’t add up. Lou Williams is the same type of cover (with lesser handling and shooting than both Steph and Kyrie), and that would mean he too wasn’t Durant’s defensive responsibility for large chunks of time. Combining that thinking with Durant’s inclusion of Paul George over James Harden and his EXTENSIVE history of insecure behavior allows me to really connect some dots. Ready?

  1. Anybody remember any epic Durant / PG duels? Bueller?  Let us look at their H2H stats to refresh our memories, shall we? durantPGUm, Kevin? He shoots 38% against you. You’re either hyping your own defense too much or you’re overstating PG’s offensive talents. I think it’s the latter, because it makes your mortal enemy (Russell Westbrook) look bad, and it also makes Kawhi’s move to the Clippers look slightly similar to your own highly scrutinized move to the Warriors. The intent to devalue Kawhi and/or justify his own career choices is not hard to see, as it also aligns with him including Lou Williams over the likes of Curry and Irving. Either way you slice it, including Paul George on this list is a joke. The numbers (and sane brains) suggest it should be James Harden in George’s place: durantharden
  2.  Lou Williams’ inclusion on his top five is even more comical, and when you see the numbers it becomes downright hysterical.loudurant Here’s KD v. Kyrie:kyriedurantAnd finally, here’s KD v. Steph:stephdurantKevin – YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS. Either this man doesn’t remember A SINGLE FUCKING THING from the games he plays, or he’s pushing an agenda that is patently absurd. No matter its catalyst, I find this level of ignorance offensive from an all-time great hooper.
  3.  We need to discuss Embiid’s placement in this grouping. We’ve established why he most likely isn’t doling out props to his teammates (both past and present). We’ve also established this list as a potential way to celebrate his own defensive chops, correct? With that in mind, he had to include a big man. But why Joel over Giannis? Numbers time!durantembiidWow, man. Just wow. Joel’s .373 FG% in their three regular season matchups made his list. Kevin Durant is fucking tone deaf. Let’s see Giannis’ stats:durantgiannisAs expected, Giannis has performed at a better clip against KD than Embiid. KD included Embiid because Giannis is the reigning MVP and KD isn’t happy about that. Or maybe he does have the worst memory on Earth. Regardless, I bet when they see each other again Giannis brings the ruckus to Durant’s dome.
  4. Despite all of the above, Durant’s biggest error was leaving a legend off his list. Let’s peep Durant’s H2H with one of the best offensive player of all time, Dirk Nowitzki (14 playoff games against one another):durantdirkOf all the guys we’ve discussed, Dirk deserves his place on KD’s list the most. Why didn’t he get it? Because Durant is tone deaf, guys. His actions, his words, and the numbers add up to equal an absurdly confused, insecure dude. His attempts to script his own narrative, unlike LeBron, have backfired. His ways have made this meme a large chunk of his legacy:


Damn, Kevin. It’s a shame how far we done fell.

OBJ is Joe Burrow’s Opposite

Before we get down to business, please allow me to pump my own tires with that palindrome in the title – damn, it feels good to be back!

I was going to make this post about Burrow’s greatness and not focus entirely on OBJ, but ATrain already covered the first part. Let me be very clear – I’m writing this in order to ensure the narrative stays focused on the accomplishments of LSU and their legendarily fantastic quarterback. The Train said it best when he wrote “stats mean less without wins” (or something like that), Burrow managed to break / tie records both statistically and in the win column. And you know what? Thank God he did. He personified greatness in a time when our collective sports mind needed someone to do so. If he didn’t, who knows how college QBs would be discussed in 2020? Some putz on FS1, a million IG pages, and the youth of today might be arguing Colt Brennan’s 58 TD season was “greater” than Vince Young’s Rose Bowl winning one. I appreciate you, Joe Burrow. More than I can put into words.

Now…what I CAN put into words is my pure, unadulterated, and unquantifiable hatred of Odell Beckham, Jr. If you haven’t seen it already, here’s what that chump did in the face of his university’s beautiful moment last night:

LSU has already issued a statement saying it was prop money. You can find that here.

The author of the post I linked to above suggests that if you believe LSU, well, then you have to believe that OBJ went out and procured A LOT of fake money before this game. If you believe that, you’re in the same camp as those who believe LeBron was actually the official A&R for 2Chainz’s “Rap Or Go To The League” project (which means Bron spent hours with labels negotiating feature prices, typed all the lyrics into Rap Genius, and cleared every sample used on the album). I’ll be clear – if you’re in those camps, you’re a fucking idiot.

…ugh. I’m so fired up about this, rail riders. The fact that LSU had to officially address OBJ’s antics, not even twenty-four hours after their season of destiny, is beyond reprehensible! It is so disgusting not because OBJ broke NCAA rules that need to be broken, but because of the manner in which he decided to do so. Peel ’em off in the locker room, or at the club later, or today when they’re hungover and needing fuel for tonight, OBJ! But that’s not your style is it, dude? You needed to find your way into their spotlight, play the role of a “real one,” and cast a shadow over a beautiful moment that you had ZERO to do with. The only way you helped anyone last night was you gave us a reason as to why LeBron wouldn’t let you stay in his house.

I’m not about the cancel culture, people. I’m about second, third, and fourth chances if they’re layered with distinctly different intentions. I lose that empathy and sympathy when people continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. OBJ hasn’t changed, and he isn’t trying to in the slightest. Remember the boat trip?

OBJ and others did this before a playoff game. OBJ had a remarkably bad game following this ill advised journey, and he delivered this apology:

I believe he states that he has learned to not “take attention away from his teammates” or something along those lines. Whatever he says exactly, it can be paraphrased to suggest he’s gained humility, self awareness, and maturity from the experience. Guess what, rail riders? He fuckin’ hasn’t. Last night’s shenanigans show that OBJ still values his own grandiosity and arrogance more than all, and I doubt that will shift until his playing days start to dwindle. That will drive him towards a mindful post-retirement career (unlikely) or a very distasteful and highly publicized flame out (smart money is on this outcome).

Lastly, can you believe OBJ had the audacity to tell Burrow how to be a leader on IG? Peep this:


Um, Mr. Beckham? You spelled “many” wrong, and your sentiment is very far from reality. It most certainly is about getting to the top of the mountain, and Mr. Burrow most definitely lead the state school of his state in phenomenal fashion.

Congrats, Odell. You get the Jeru treatment, clown. Not only does your dogshit “guidance” have a paper trail, you once again got caught on video being a player who is only playin’ himself. 

Joe Burreaux dominates in the National Championship, Becomes Instant Legend.


I was sitting outside the pool waiting for my sister at a Hotel whose name I forget in Las Vegas. While I’m waiting I strike up a conversation with a young dude of impressive stature. He tells me he played WR at Ohio State which immediately piqued my interest and we start talking ball. I said something along the lines of JT Barrett held Ohio State back because he wasn’t a very good passer and they had a plethora of WR talent that was going underutilized. To show this guy I knew the QB room at Ohio State I threw out some names I think I mentioned Haskins and even Tate Marell as possible replacements. My new friend seemed to agree with the idea but he pointedly at me and said “Joe Burrow.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 4.54.30 AM
2017 Ohio State QB Room

At that point I immediately took note of Joe Burrow, he wasn’t just a name anymore, a guy who practiced with him every day is saying he’s better than Dwayne Haskins, JT Barrett and the rest of the QB room. I kinda followed the QB battle that spring at Ohio State and when Burrow didn’t seem likely to beat out Haskins he transferred to LSU and the rest is history.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 5.09.55 AM
I’d really like a Joe Burreaux Sr. Night Jersey.

Burrow just finished the greatest season of all time by a college QB in terms of BOTH statistics and winning. I mean if you like stats how about 60 TD passes on the season a new record. How about 14 total TDs in the two-game playoff? But stats don’t mean a whole lot without winning.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 5.28.15 AM
Alabama should be ranked 5th no lower, in my opinion, the only team that really gave LSU a game.

LSU at the end of the season beat the #2 team, the #4 team, the #6 team, the #7 team, the #8 team and the #15 team in the country. And for the most part, they beat the crap out of these teams. This is the greatest team of this century and maybe ever.

The game looked in doubt early on but after 17-7 the LSU Tigers went on a 35-8 run to end the game and frankly coulda scored a lot more points if they kept passing at the end. The LSU defense deserves a lot of credit for making Trevor Lawrence uncomfortable for a lot of the game but when Burrow is having a game like he did it almost doesn’t matter.

I’m so happy for Coach Ed Orgeron. No guy deserves to be a Champion more than him. The energy and enthusiasm he brings to his team and to the game warms my heart and makes me smile. Coach O represents LSU so perfectly, it’s a match made in heaven.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 5.44.20 AM.png

The next big question for Coach O is who will he get to replace the Legend of Joe Burrow? Is a suitable replacement at QB on the roster? (I doubt it) Will he look to the transfer portal like Georgia did with Wake Forest’s Jamie Newman? Or is there a recruit out there who can win the job as a true freshman? My guess is they look to the portal first.

Congrats to LSU and thanks for an amazing season that was a lot of fun to watch.