I Have Lost ALL Faith in The Chicago Bears as an Organization.

When I wrote yesterday’s free agency blog I briefly touched on the Bears. I didn’t give my take on Jimmy Graham because I had no clue how much they were paying him. Turns out it was SO MUCH MORE than I anticipated. They gave him two years 16 million and 9 million guaranteed.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 9.48.27 PM
Just what this team needed the shittiest Green Bay Packer.

What the fuck?

The Bears just cut Leonard Floyd because they didn’t want to pay him and he signed with the Rams on a 1 year deal for 10 million. So let me get this right, you’re willing to pay a beyond washed-up tight end 8 million a year but not 10 million for a guy who probably still has his best football in front of him. I would much rather have Floyd with Quinn and Mack, and have a deep defense than pay Jimmy fucking Graham who hasn’t been good since he was in New Orleans. He was bad in Seattle with Russell Wilson, he was bad in Green Bay with Aaron Rogers…Guess what he will be in Chicago?

It cool though the Bears traded a 4th round pick for Nick Foles and the contract that is overpaying him. Quarterback problems solved.

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 9.48.19 PM
Sweet Nick Foles and Matt Nagy what a combo.

You know what troubles me about former super bowl MVP Nick Foles? His offensive coordinator in Philly was Frank Reich. Frank Reich is now the head coach in Indy. Did Frank Reich, who needs a QB, try and work a deal for Foles? No. Instead, the Colts signed the deteriorating Phil Rivers. This is a concern dude.

Since coming to the Bears GM Ryan Pace has drafted some serious busts with very high draft picks.

Kevin White – Often Injured Bust who is in danger of being out of the league #7 overall.

Mitch Trubisky – #2 overall picked ahead of Mahomes and Watson. They traded up from 3 to 2 to pick this guy because Pace was scared someone else would take him….I wish dude.

Leonard Floyd – #9 overall, not a bust but they also traded up for this pick with Tampa Bay and they cut him before his rookie deal was done.

If Foles wins the starting QB job the Bears will have no starters from picks 2,7,9 overall.

The Bears have a real tendency to trade up for guys who aren’t good. That’s not the mark of a competent GM.

Luckily Pace traded his last two first-round picks (this upcoming draft included) for Khalil Mack employing the strategy of not failing on your first-round pick by virtue of not having one.

The Bears traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky, Pat Mahomes was the next QB drafted.

Looking back at the Bears 2016 NFL draft, I’m starting to wonder just how stupid it was to trade from #3 up to #2 with San Fransisco. The Bears nightmare scenario was that the 49ers would take Trubisky or a team like the Jets might trade up to that spot. The problem I have is that Pat Mahomes would have been our “consolation prize” in that nightmare scenario, at worst it would have been Desean Watson.

I really need to see something from Mitch tonight vs the Seattle Seahawks. I just watched Pat Mahomes look like the best young QB since Andrew Luck and with a bigger arm. This guy could have easily been a Chicago Bear. I’m really starting to wonder how you could see what Mahomes can do and not think he’s the best QB in that class. What did they see in Mitch that they didn’t see in Pat Mahomes? They both can move, both have strong arms…but Trubisky barely played in College…Mahomes set records, he was so good Baker Mayfield transferred from Texas Tech to Oklahoma. Mahomes is bigger and has a cannon attached to his body. He also seems to grasp the X’s and O’s better than Trubisky. I am very curious about why they went with Mitch.

Other thoughts on this weekend…

The penalty on Clay Matthews for roughing Cousins was embarrassing. To watch your team play defense in the 2018 NFL is beyond stressful. You have to hold your breath and clench your asshole after every hit, praying to the football gods your team doesn’t get a bogus flag for just trying to tackle. This is no way to watch football.

Josh Gordon got traded to the Patriots…the Browns don’t have a clue. They just filled one of the Patriots biggest needs. Tom Brady might have Gronk, Edelman and Brown on the field at the same time…not at all scary.

Vontae Davis retired at halftime everyone is saying he quit on his team yadda yadda yadda…I don’t see what the big deal is, he had an epiphany and acted on it. I can’t fault a guy for that. It’s not like quitting a fantasy football league because you’re a triggered snowflake baby back bitch, who needs to spend more time writing pretentious food posts on IG.

I was wrong about Tampa and Miami, to be fair I did not know that Ryan Fitzpatrick was going to start the season for Tampa Bay. If I had I might have taken them more seriously. As for Miami, it’s all on Tannehill who looks decent coming off a torn ACL. I’m not ready to pump the tires of the Dolphins just yet, they beat Tennessee and The New York Jets. Not exactly powerhouses.

Jags D we already knew was good, if Bortles continues to improve this team could be playing for a Super Bowl in February. Cole and Westbrook have stepped up in the absence of Marquis Lee.

Kansas City has the best offense and one of the worst defenses. Bet the over. Play the QB going up against the Chiefs in fantasy and play your Chiefs.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with more from the NFL… ATRAIN OUT

Bullish on The Bears in 2018.

If you’re looking for a team that could come out of nowhere to compete THIS season for the Super Bowl, then look no further than the Chicago Bears. The Bears have the formula for a sleep team in 2018 if I’ve ever seen one. Am I saying they are a lock to win the Super Bowl? No. What I’m saying is this is a team with a garbage record last year that nobody outside of Chicago expects to compete and compete they will.

I am historically a pessimistic Bears fan and with good reason, you need a Quarterback to win in the NFL and the Bears have only been teased by great quarterback play. The Bears made a Superbowl with Rex Grossman and a Conference Championship with Jay Cutler, but c’mon man, that ain’t gonna do it. The Bears historically like to confound the situation by not hiring offensive-minded coaches, see Lovie Smith and John Fox.

What is different this year is that Chicago has a talented young QB in Mitch Trubisky and an offensive-minded head coach Matt Nagy. They also added Harry Heistand the best offensive line coach in all of college football to protect their developing QB. Trubisky had a very pedestrian rookie season but Bears had no weapons outside of Tarik Cohen for him to pass too. The skill positions in Chicago were historically bad outside of RB in 2017. In 2018 they will be vastly improved, the Bears made several savvy signings and drafted a potential stud WR in Anthony Miller from University of Memphis.

New Weapons for Trubisky:

Allen Robinson signed from Jax.

Trey Burton signed from Philly.

Taylor Gabriel signed from Atlanta.

Anthony Miller drafted 51st overall.

As the Offense develops the Defense will try to build on last season’s success. The Bears may have had a terrible record last season but they did not have a terrible defense, they just couldn’t score. The Bears may have fired head coach John Fox but they retained Vic Fangio to continue to coordinate the Defense. They then spent the #8 pick in the draft on one of the best college football players I saw last season in Roquan Smith. Smith could have an immediate impact on an already good defense. If he can be the next-gen superstar linebacker that Chicago Football is built on, then an already good defense can become something great. Questions about the consistency of the pass rush remain, and a very good secondary are not very deep, but this is still a solid unit. The kind of unit that can help win a Super Bowl if the Offense can hold up its end of the bargain.

My last and most important piece of evidence is the Mitch Trubisky Tarot Reading that I did before last season, in which the cards foretold that Mitch has Star potential as long as he can ignore the outside media. That’s just fate, and you don’t fuck with fate dude.

-ATrain Out.


The End of an Era in Chicago: The Bears Cut Mike Glennon. (this has not officially happened yet.)

I’m a little confused right now. When I heard the Bears made cuts to their roster yesterday I just assumed one of those cut was Mike Glennon. Turns out they just cut Quentin Demps and Pernell McPhee. This is annoying because I have already titled my blog post and I don’t want to change it. Hold on let me look into my crystal ball. The ball is telling me that it won’t be much longer. The ball has been off before, but this time I think it’s correct. There is no way we keep Mike Glennon on this roster.

It’s too bad. The ladies of Chicago are going to miss this stud-muffin quarterback. When this guy took off his helmet in Chicago he was known to soak a woman’s panties to the point of dehydration.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.33.29 PM
6’6 most of it cock. Sploosh.

Sadly, Looks Aren’t Everything. <-This is a Life Lesson. Write it Down.

Glennon’s on the field play could not match his off the field looks, though and he got benched for the much uglier, much nerdier named…Mitchell Trubisky. This Journalist thinks that the only reason Glennon has not been cut is as a favor to all the gay and female employees (of which there are many) down at Halas Hall. An unnamed female intern is quoted as saying “Every time he’s in the facilities I just hope to catch a glimpse of that hammer jutting out from his athletic shorts, it’s seriously the only reason I still show up to work, I hate my job. This is off the record right?” I think just for company morale Glennon is here until they absolutely must cut him for cap reasons.

That will leave us with Mitchell Trubisky. I hope this guy can make it in Chicago, a city that is known to have a large population of “size queens.” A special breed of size queen that values neck length above all other traits. Mitch has a neck of average length at best. He will have to win people over with his play on the field because I just don’t see him getting too much play off the field.

I’m sorry but Mitch is a boy, most women want a man.


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.35.14 PM
Enter: Mr. Steal-yo-girl. The name’s Glennon, Mike Glennon. This Black guy helps me keep that groupie beaver at bay, I’m married. (Wink).

After the Bears but Glennon what will be his next step? Sure he could continue to hack away at an NFL career, picking his boogers on the sideline as a backup to a less attractive QB, but why not retire. Do dancing with the stars, start your acting/modeling career. The sky’s the limit. You know this Mike, your giraffe neck has you up there already. Whatever you choose Mike, ATrainSports is Rooting for You.

Atrain Out.

P.S. barstoolsports.com please give me a job.